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Reasons Your House Still Doesn’t Look Clean After You Have Cleaned

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I bet we can all agree that a clean house is pretty high on the priority list. My home may not always be beautifully organized and neat, but it is clean. (well, mostly clean;-) These house cleaning tips can help your house look as clean as it really is.

So WHY doesn’t it LOOK clean?!

1. Too Much Stuff

Do you have to move piles of things from the sofa just to sit down? Do you have to clear clutter from the table in order to enjoy a family meal?

If so, you may have way too much stuff. Take a look around and see if any of these things are cluttering your home.

If you need to clear the clutter from your house quickly, then this decluttering planner will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Less Stuff = Less Stuff To Clean

2. Old Outlet And Light Switch Covers

Our house was built in 1970 and we bought it about 3 years ago. Many updates had been made…beautiful plantation shutters, a large office add-on, energy efficient, double hung windows, and so on.

But a seemingly simple home upgrade that had not been addressed were the old, almond colored, (some paint spattered) outlet covers and light switch plate covers.

They were such an eyesore and no cleaning hack was going to change that!

A Simple Solution:

Outlet covers that DO NOT require any rewiring. These babies fit right over the old existing outlet to give everything a clean and cohesive look.

And to cover those unsightly light switches without the hassle of an electrician or having to rewire…

This was such a simple house cleaning tip to make our home look fresh and clean!

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3. House Cleaning Tips: Unfinished Laundry

I used to feel like all I did was laundry. I tried the ‘wash a load every day’ method and was miserable!

Laundry baskets of clothes sitting around your house makes it look dirty…even if the clothes are clean.

I revamped my entire laundry routine and now I only do laundry ONE day each week (for 4 people).

It has seriously been a game changer!


I no longer have to hang out in the laundry room every single day and no more restarting the dryer for the 4th time (surely I’m not the only one!)

I get everything washed, dried, and put away in ONE day. I don’t even think about laundry for 6 days in a row!!

4. Too Many Blankets And Pillows

If you have enough pillows and blankets for an entire elementary school to build forts then it’s probably time to get rid of some.

Your home will look messy if you have throw blankets and pillows scattered everywhere. Taking a few seconds to fold blankets and straighten pillows will instantly make your home look cleaner.

You can hide all those blankets in a functional little storage ottoman and extra pillows can live in a cute basket.

5. House Cleaning Tips For Paper

Paper will ruin your tidy house so quickly. Paper keeps coming in so you have to put a system in place before the paper-pest takes over.

Kaitlin at The Simply Organized Home has a fantastic post on how she organizes all of the paper in her home.

6. Splotchy Bottles

It drives me bonkers when the hand soap or dish soap bottles have soap and water splattered on them. It can make the cleanest sink area still look dirty.

A house cleaning tip that only takes a few seconds:

Give the bottles and spouts a quick wipe down and everything will look nice and clean!

Article source: Handling Home Life

Need help with cleaning? Send us a message with your cleaning services requirements. We look forward to speaking with you:

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